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Debut album "U.F.O." released through Unit Records!
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Takashi Peterson (git), Hannes Daerr (cl), Miriam Erttmann (vio) and Sebastian Klose (db).

Wetzlarer Improvisationstage

David Beecroft, John Flury, Sven Elze, Dieter Düvelmeyer and others


Professional guitarist and composer in a wide variety of music, from acoustic to electric ensembles.

Takashi was born in Kyoto, Japan, to a Japanese mother and an American father. From an early age he immersed himself in the world of music, and he began his professional career by performing as a Blues guitarist in the United States at the age of 16.

Traveling has always been a way of life for Takashi, and he has gathered significant influences around the globe. After graduating from Swiss Jazz School, he has continued to perform internationally with numerous groups. Recognition includes the Berlin Jazz and Blues Award 2005. Never tired of learning and expanding his repertoire, he collaborates with many talented musicians in a variety of genres across cultures.

He has performed with great artists such as Buddy Guy, Johnny Lang, Dawson Braden, Charlie and The Nightcats, John Paul and the Hellhounds, Joanna O'Conner, Corey Harris, Arthur Conley, Adam Holzman, Jorge Pardo, Maria Mezcle, Abdeljalil Kodssi, Helmut Eisel, Raquel Villegas, Iman Das, Apratim Majumdar, and Amit Chatterjee, just to name a few

Tours and performances have taken Takashi to Japan, the U.S.A, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Lichtenstein, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Morocco and Zimbabwe.





The BootyJive

finest Space Boogie from planet Bayou7
Project 01

The BootyJive

In 1977, the space capsule “Voyager” was launched into space. Its mission: to explore far away solar systems. It also carried a valuable piece of cargo – the music from planet Earth captured on a “Golden Record”. Nobody would have expected that in the year 2013, inhabitants of a yet unknown solar system would retrieve the very Golden Record.

Now a courageous crew from planet Bayou7 has travelled to Earth in their spaceship “The BootyJive”. Their mission: to bring traditional music from Bayou7 to the Earth. The music, however, is surprisingly similar to the hottest Jazz’n’roll and most ruthless funk music found on planet Earth...

Earthlings, prepare for a truly galactic adventure!

  • Band Member:
    Captain Rich (Korkusian Saxophone)
    Mr. Takaway (Interstellarian Guitar)
    Fleischer Doria (Wormhole Bass)
    Loken Sand (Big Bang Drums)
  • Booking:
  • Contact: info(at)
  • Releases:"U.F.O." 2015 (Unit Rec.)
  • Soundcloud:
  • Youtube Channel: The BootyJive
  • Photography: © David Beecroft


metropole melancholia
Project 02


Melodies of the metropole Berlin, coupled with intricate arrangements and fresh take on acoustic music that defies genres and take you on a journey of its own. Since its beginning in 2006, Bassa has continued to tour across Europe successfully and developed a unique style.

  • Band Member:
    Takashi Peterson (Acoustic Guitar)
    Hannes Daerr (Clarinet / Bass Clarinet)
    Miriam Erttmann (Violin)
    Sebastian Klose (Double Bass)
    Johann von Schubert (Drums)
  • Booking:
    Miriam Erttmann
  • Contact: info(at)
  • Releases:
    Tempo Pasion (2012)
    Medialuna (2010)
    Berlin Tango (2009)
  • Record Label: Flowfish Records


Flamenco Jazz Fusion
Project 03


Konjaleo consists of celebrated international musicians from Spain, The U.S.A., Switzerland, Austria and Japan. Based in Berlin Germany, the group performs an unprecedented blend of Flamenco, Jazz improvisation and a touch of Indian mystique with so much mastery, dynamic and lots of fun.

With the proven recipe of fiery drama, virtuosity and transcendent flights of imagination, the group contributes to the further development of Flamenco Jazz fusion through collaboration with prominent figures such as Raquel Villegas, Diego Villegas, Maria Mezcle, Itai Criss, and Jorge Pardo.

Konjaleo also collaborates with masters of Indian traditions from Kolkata, India through a series called "Flamenco Meets India" with Iman Das (Vocals), Apratim Majumdar (Sarod) and Amit Chatterjee (Tabla).

  • Band Member:
    Christophe Bersier (Flamenco Guitar)
    Juan Cárdenas (Vocal)
    Roland Satterwhite (Violine)
    Takashi Peterson (Flamenco Guitar)
    Claudio Spieler (Percussion)
  • Contact: info(at)
  • Releases: Upcoming release in 2014
  • Soundcloud:
  • Youtube Konjaleo
  • Contact: info@konjaleo

Atlas Austria Express

Gnawan Trance Fusion from Marrakech
Project 04

Atlas Austria Express

Sounds of Gnawan tradition of Lila rituals found in Marrakech. Finest Moroccan musicians collaborate with European artists to form an unity of tradition and modernity, resulting in spiritual grooves and singing never quite heard before.

  • Band Member:
    Abdeljalil Kodssi (Vocals)
    Yassine Kodssi (Vocals, Gimbri)
    Ahmed Basck (Krakeb, Vocals)
    Abdelhafid Akrou (Oud, Bazouki, Violine, Vocals)
    Emil Gross (Drums, Percussions)
    Takashi Peterson (Guitar)
  • Contact:
    Emil Gross
  • Releases: Upcoming release in 2014
  • Record Label: 121 Records & HOANZL Records


  • Band: Flame'n Co
  • Album: Alhambra
  • Released: 2009
  • Label: Freiraum Records
  • Out of print

  • Band: Drop Four
  • Album: Drop Four
  • Released: 2007
  • Label: Konnex Records
  • Buy: Amazon

  • Compilation
  • Album: Jazz & Blues Award 2005
  • Released: 2006
  • Label: Icestorm/Lokal Helden
  • Out of print


The BootyJive - The Trailer

The BootyJive - "Papa Hooch"

Konjaleo - Live at Amphitheater, Berlin

Konjaleo feat. Raquel Villegas - La Luz, Berlin

Atlas Austria Express - Reportage on Slovenian TV

bassa - "Don't Look Back" - Music Video